Often thought of as the mainstay of any security company, the 7Arrows guarding team makes up the operational eyes, ears and limbs of the company.


Electronic security systems have evolved to a point where what would have been considered fiction a few years ago is now a cool reality.


Whether it is alarm monitoring and armed response, or CCTV monitoring, the 7Arrows Command and Control Centre is equipped to assist in receiving, interpreting, and acting on a variety of electronic signals rapidly.

Special Interventions

When a case is identified which demands an increase in security activity, 7Arrows provides its special interventions team.

Industry Solutions

Being mission-oriented means that one size does not necessarily fit all. 7Arrows has worked to become one of the country’s foremost community protection specialists – and continues to develop its skills in specific industry sectors.

Community Protection

7Arrows was founded in 2003, with its first Community Protection assignment to protect the Savoy Waverley suburbs being awarded in 2007.

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