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Safeguarding your community
Securing your future

7Arrows provides our communities with a comprehensive security offering with solutions customized to your needs. We have provided armed response and guarding solutions for a number of clients over the past 10 years and continue to be the leaders within this environment.


Our service offerings

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Trained and skilled technical department

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We practice proactive patrolling - NOT just reactive response!


Customized according to your needs

Security Surveillance
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Experts in safeguarding your community

Monitored 24/7 by the 7Arrows control room

Personalized to your requirements


Our Testimonials

"Once again we compliment 7Arrows on the excellent service!

Our house is on the market and as an extra precaution I requested 7Arrows put an extra patrol at the time of viewings. Last Sunday and the previous Sunday.

The patrols were there promptly and visible,which was greatly appreciated and reassuring as to our sense of safely and security.

A very big thank you to your colleagues who really go the extra mile and are always friendly and obliging.

On 15 October, we had a traumatic experience when parts of the house caught alight and the sitter was home alone with the pet dog. Upon activating the panic button my husband received no less than 50 message your your control room, which was an instant realization that there was a problem. Within a short time the patrol team arrived and assisted tremendously in restoring control to the situation, and even advised that I drive my car away from the garage and keep my dog inside the vehicle for safety.
As such a very heartfelt gratitude to the control room operator and to all else involved for your invaluable assistance.

First of all thank you personally for your excellent service and assisting us at the drop of a hat. It has been a pleasure dealing with you so just wanted to thank you for that.
Secondly, the guard responsible for scaring off the intruders on their second attempt to gain access in our property is a phenomenal guy. He was so active and patrolling 24/7 and really gave us a sense of security.

Your staff at the booms are such a very pleasure,very smiley and never fail to greet and open promptly. Such a change and what a pleasure.

Your teams responded to an alarm recently - three cars arrived almost simultaneously and I am lucky enough to have guards on the property and they were impressed.

So whatever you are doing, you are doing absolutely the right thing.Your guys deserve very large pats on their backs.


15A 4th St
Sandton, 2090
South Africa

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