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7Arrows has been in existence since 2003, and actively involved in Estate, Suburb and Community security since 2006.

7Arrows won the contract for SWAP (Savoy Waverley Active Protection) in 2007, which boasted a 90+ percentage reduction in crime in the area after launch. Several other CAP initiatives were awarded to 7Arrows soon thereafter.

The firm launched its guarding division in 2008, and its armed response initiative in 2010. 7Arrows is extremely proud to have serviced Waterfall Estate since 2010, and has since been awarded the business for several estates and other developments in the greater Waterfall area.

Since 2012, 7Arrows has focused on building safer communities in the greater Sandton area. The firm now operates numerous multi-faceted security schemes throughout Sandton, building on the mantra of developing ‘Smart Secure Suburbs’.

In 2016 7Arrows was acquired by CSG Holdings, a South African firm listed on the JSE. CSG is committed to the service sector within South Africa. CSG’s ownership puts 7Arrows into a unique position of being ‘big enough to count, but small enough to care’, with a stable financial and operational basis which allows the firm to maximise client benefit.

7Arrows’ unique strengths stem from a deep understanding of security, and the application of risk management strategies. All of 7Arrows’ leadership has operational experience, with most having served within one of the firm’s projects. The hands-on nature of leadership is demonstrated by the relationship senior personnel foster with each of our clients.

Other defining characteristics of

7Arrows include:

  • Proactive management process and systems, where tactical deployments are measured against proactive targets

  • Formal relationship with City Parks to patrol park areas

  • In-depth knowledge of not just security concepts, but the installation and operation of extensive technology installations, and deployment of manpower

  • Redundancies on all management levels, with contingency plans to ensure that failures do not affect service levels

A final differentiating factor which has contributed to 7Arrows’ success is its ability to interface with the SAPS. 7Arrows’ pride itself on abiding by all laws and regulations, and fostering an excellent relationship with SAPS on several levels. The purpose of this relationship is to ensure on the ground cooperation – with the goal of assisting authorities to remove criminals from our streets.


15A 4th St
Sandton, 2090
South Africa

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