7Arrows Security understands community security and what is needed to get the job done. Our proactive approach drives our officers to patrol with specific measured purpose.

  • Officers are trained to understand community service

  • We have a formal relationship with city parks to patrol park areas.

  • In depth knowledge of not just security concepts, but the installation and operation of extensive technology installations, and deployment of manpower.

  • Redundancies on all management levels, with contingency plans to ensure that failures do not affect service levels.

  • Extensive background checks and polygraphs tests have to be completed and a number of analyzed tests are done which again need to reach our standards and expectations.

  • All officers are trained in a number of security related techniques and are equipped with all necessary resources required for the tasks at hand. Officers receive weekly training by skilled professionals as well as training personally done by top management.

  • Dynamically managed by top management

  • Each of our communities has a dedicated manager at their resource

  • Monthly reporting is provided to each community committee including crime stats and proactive reports.

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South Africa

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