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7 Essential anti Hijacking tips that you need to read

Recent reports confirm that hijackings in a number of Johannesburg regions have peaked in the last few months. Although many crimes are opportunistic in nature, hijackings are often planned and not actioned on the fly.

Hijacking syndicates operate in an organised fashion and have a wide group of individuals who are enticed to deliver on what they demand.

A review of current incidents show that hijackers target a variety of vehicle brands. While certain brands have, and will always be targeted, we are seeing other makes and models in hijacking incidents. Driver vigilance therefore is imperative, no matter what vehicle you drive

Hijackers rely on the element of surprise as with this type of crime the less aware a victim is the better it is for a hijack to be successful. Counteract this by:

1. Do not remain stationary if you do not have to, a moving target is harder to hit than one that sits and waits.

2. Always check your blind spots and remain aware when leaving and arriving home. In order to stay distraction free, do not use your cell phone in the two minutes that you approach your destination.

3. While waiting for your gate to open, stay parallel to your perimeter wall and only enter the driveway when the gate is fully open. This gives you the opportunity to drive away if need be.

4. Pay attention to unusual sights and sounds in your neighbourhood. Pedestrians wandering near to your driveway, or sounds of shouting can be a warning of danger.

5. Before coming to a stop, take notice of people standing at intersections and looking at your vehicle. Be especially aware of people that do not seem to have a purpose.

6. When returning home after dark make sure that outside lights are on, and if possible ask for an escort from your security company.

7. When leaving a shopping centre remain cautious of any cars following you, always check your rear-view mirror, lookout for vehicles that are consistently behind you with more than one male in the vehicle.

If you feel something is not right always trust your instincts, and report it to 7Arrows 0861 727 769


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