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7Arrows Newsflash March 2019

Security Update

This newsletter contains important information for all 7Arrows Security clients, and those that live in areas secured by 7Arrows. We encourage you to read it, take in the information and, act on advice given. In this edition:

Confessions of a criminal

Cable Thief Apprehended

House robber arrested

Two arrested - following home invasion

Bread and a battery

Greenbelt clean up

Confessions of a criminal

The start of March saw TWO arrests made in Sandown Estate. Early in the morning of the 1st of March our vehicles were dispatched to a construction site within the area. Once on the scene our officers were able to apprehend the first suspect while the other fled.  Three 7Arrows vehicles responded to the scene and following a search nearby the second suspect was successfully apprehended.

While in our custody both suspects admitted to various crimes and were then handed to SAPS.

House robber arrested

Earlier this month saw a second arrest made in Duxberry area when one of our officers was alerted to activity at a nearby residence. On arrival he noticed the suspect had broken into a home by breaking the gate motor and front window. On arrival and further inspection our officer successfully arrested the individual.

He was later handed to SAPS.

Cable thief apprehended

Another cable thief was successfully sent packing after alert residents called in suspicious activity nearby. On arrival our officers were able to apprehend one suspect. Unfortunately the second suspect got away.

The suspect was handed to SAPS

Two arrested - following a home invasion

Two weeks ago an alert from a vigilant resident in Morningside led to our MD and director joining in on a manhunt  for two suspects who had committed a home invasion.On arrival of our officer the two suspects fled and a chase ensued.

Eventually the two suspects were apprehended after one of our officers physically chased a bus they had jumped onto.

Both suspects were handed to SAPS


Bread and a battery

This past weekend saw three arrests, Yesterday while on patrol our alert officer in Sundowner noticed a suspicious individual jumping over a house wall. Moments later the suspect jumped back and tried to hide a vehicle battery in a tree nearby.

Our officer was able to apprehend the man and he has since been handed to SAPS.

Once again officer Clever Mabaso has made not one but TWO arrests. Saturday while on patrol Clever noticed two men who fled when they saw the 7Arrows vehicle. A chase ensued and Clever was successful in apprehending both suspects.

They were found to have stolen flour from a nearby bakery and were handed to SAPS.

Greenbelts Clean up Project


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