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7Arrows Security saves school from burning

Quick thinking and a one minute response time was the deciding factor in putting out a fire that started inside a classroom in a school in Waterfall Estate.

Early in the hours Friday morning the 7Arrows command centre received a panic alert from the school in question. Our controllers immediately dispatched officers to the scene whereby six brave officers faced the fire.

On arrival officers assessed the situation and utilised their training to fight the flames. They broke a window to gain access into the classroom and eventually managed to put out the fire that had engulfed the entire space leaving a lot of smoke in its departure.

The groundskeeper was the first person to alert to the fire when he smelt the smoke and realised a classroom had caught alight. This is when he pressed his panic which was received by the 7Arrows command centre.

“Although fires are not our primary concern we value every community we serve and are proud to have been able to assist with this emergency, ultimately stopping a fire that could have spread further if left unattended.” says Jason Mordecai 7Arrows Security.

“We would like to thank our brave officers who went beyond their call of duty to save this school” he added.

The fire department is investigating the incident but it is suspected that the fire broke out due to a faulty plug in the classroom.

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