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85% of contact crimes start at the driveway gate

Your gate is your weakest link!

Statistics from 2018 to date from 7Arrows monitored areas show 85% of all residential contact crimes start at the driveway gate. In 60% of soft crimes that have taken place, suspects have used the driveway gate at their point of access.

Take a weekend walk through your suburb and when you arrive home, stop and look at your property from the outside. “The driveway gate stands as the most common point of entry for burglaries and armed robberies” says Jason Mordecai, MD of 7Arrows Security.

“Improvements on home security systems such as home alarms, electric fences and CCTV systems can add value says Mordecai but strengthening your driveway gate is the 80/20 step”. It provides an instant improvement to your homes security and can be done at a minimal cost.

For homes with sliding gates, start by adding a sturdy bracket to your gate motor. This prevents forced entry and gate motor theft, a crime that has come into prominence throughout Johannesburg. Next look at the tooth bar that connects the motor’s cog to the gate. Criminals often use garden picks to bend this bar. The tooth bar can be protected by welding some flat bar in the space between the bar and the gate. Sheeting can also be added to the gate to prevent access to this bar or even to the motor. A bracket that prevents the gate from being lifted is also important, the bracket should be designed to limit upward and lateral movement.

Swing gates are harder to secure. Add plates onto the gate that prevent tampering with the connection between the gate and its mechanical arms. When the gates close, the edges should be flush with one another. The gate arms should be fitted with good padlocks, and a magnetic lock that activates when the gates close can prevent house breakers from pushing the gates apart by hand.

It is now possible to add a device that will notify your response company that your gate has been forced open. This can either link to your home alarm or acts as a stand alone device linked to an alarm transmitter.

The last step comes down to habit and procedure. “Our officers often report that residents accidentally leave their gates open” adds Mordecai. Warning devices can also be installed to notify you that the gate is open, but visually verifying that the gate is closed is a crime stopping habit.


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