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Arrow the rescue K9 patrol officer

While on a routine site visit late last year, 7Arrows Security senior management came across a boerboel mix breed dog roaming around the Waterfall cemetery. The dog was highly emaciated, hungry and lost. 7Arrows officers immediately responded by picking the dog up and taking him to the vet for immediate care.

It is suspected that the dog had been hit by a car as he had broken his pelvis in three different places. He had also sustained an injury to his one leg and was extremely dehydrated.

“It was with true passion that veterinarian Denver Moodley at Manorswood Vet attended to the dog as he not only took away his pain which sadly he had endured for quite some time but also helped give him a chance at a better life” said Victor Tortora CEO 7Arrows Security. “Vet Denver also helped with reduced costs for the vet bills which undoubtedly piled up rather quickly” he continued

After canvassing the surrounding areas for any leads on the whereabouts of the dog’s owners it became evident that he was not going to be claimed.7Arrows Security decided to support him by welcoming him into the 7Arrows family, fittingly naming him Arrow.

Once Arrow was stable enough to be released from the vet the 7Arrows team settled him into his new home at Waterfall Estate dog kennels. It is here where Arrow spent most of his days, recovering and getting strong again. In no time Arrow had gained weight and made himself at home with his new life as a K9 patrol officer.

Arrows’ days no longer consist of near starvation and pain searching for food in a cold and lonely cemetery. He is now a well-trained friendly patrol dog who is thriving. His days comprise of daily walks, a well-balanced diet, and most importantly a family that consists of human and furry friends alike. Arrow especially has a soft spot for Victor Tortora 7Arrows CEO who played an integral role in saving him from a terrible fate. Along with regional manager Hannes Strydom and senior dog handler Robert Maseko, Arrow is a spirited dog who gives back with bucket loads of slobbery kisses and true affection shown to those who gave it to him when he needed it the most.

“Arrow is an amazing dog, he has shown tremendous courage, strength and forgiveness which we can all learn something from” said Tortora.

This year 7Arrows officers have returned quite a number of lost dogs to their families, many dogs run out of open gates and get disoriented quickly which results in them getting lost. It is vital not only for your own personal security but for your animals safety for gates to always be closed and secured. It is also important to have ID tags on pets so that in the unfortunate event they are lost they can be easily identified and returned to their rightful homes.


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