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Arrows boomerang effect

Early last week Genevieve started off her day like any other and went about her tasks as usual. While laying out the Fourways Review newspaper under her dogs bowls as she always does Genevieve came across the story and picture of Arrow that had featured a few weeks earlier in the newspaper.

Arrow had been featured in the Fourways Review as he had an amazing story to share, one that consisted of a lost injured dog struggling to survive that fought back and eventually became a healthy and happy patrol dog part of the 7Arrows Security K9 unit.

After seeing Arrows picture, Genevieve immediately went and showed her kids and husband as he had a remarkable resemblance to their dog Zeus that had gone missing late last year. They had searched far and wide for Zeus and have never stopped trying to find him. “The children were devastated and asked about Zeus constantly” said Genevieve

Once the family arrived at the Waterfall Estate dog kennels it was obvious to everyone that Arrow recognised them. He greeted them with excited kisses and was clearly fond of each and every one of them.

“We wouldn’t want to disrupt Arrow and remove him from the 7Arrows K9 unit as this is his home and he is happy here” said Genevieve. “We are just happy to have peace of mind and know he is cared for and living a good life which was always intended for him” she continued.

“It is so heart-warming to know that Arrow came from a loving home and wasn’t just a stray dog tossed out to fend for himself, we are thrilled that Arrows story has come full circle and that we have helped bring closure to a family. Arrow is a part of the 7Arrows family now and will remain well-loved and cared for many years to come” said Victor Tortora Chief Operating Officer (joint) at 7Arrows Security


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