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Can your child call for help?

The last thing most of us want to think about is having our children face danger without us being around to protect them. Unfortunately, sometimes such scenarios do not play out as we would like and for this reason it is vital for all children to know how to call for help when they need it.

“First things first is to teach your children what constitutes as an emergency” says Jason Mordecai 7Arrows Security MD. “Talk to your children about what is something they may need emergency help with and who the people that should respond are” he adds.

Explaining the different emergency scenarios is something that helps children identify what constitutes as an emergency, such as medical, fire, stranger danger and so on.

It is important for children to understand who will be responding and why they need these people to come and help. Once a child can recognise that they are in danger and are able to trust that someone other than a parent is needed they can then call for help and be confident aid will come.

“In many of our homes a panic button is available and therefore teaching your children to press such a device can be a lifesaving lesson.” adds Mordecai. “The benefit of a panic button means young children who don’t yet know their address can be taught to press a linked panic button and have a signal received by a security company knowing exactly where they are without having to tell them this verbally” he says.

What age should a child be taught this? This would depend on the child in particular, once your children are old enough to be able to dial and use a phone as well as old and mature enough to understand why they would be reaching out, this would be a good time to start teaching them who to call and what to do in case of an emergency situation.

How to go about teaching your kids to call for help:

1. Number one, as above, explain why they would need to reach out

2. Show them how! Take your child through the process and show them where panic buttons are in your home and how to dial emergency services on your phones.

3. Practice! Show your child the steps to press a panic button and dial on your phone for emergency services as many times as it takes until they know and remember the steps without you showing them.

“Teach your children who your security company is, wave at patrolling officers driving by and let your children become familiar with these officers and what they can do to help protect you and your neighbourhood from danger” adds Mordecai

Teach your kids to be vigilant and to trust their instinct, if you see it, say it 0861 727 769 7Arrows Security


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