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CCTV Footage leads to arrest of follow home gang

On Monday the 10th of October 7Arrows Security was called to a residence in Sandton following a robbery which took place in a client’s driveway of her home. It is believed the client had been followed home from a Sandton shopping centre and subsequently robbed at gunpoint in her driveway.

The 7Arrows Security team immediately got to work and analysed footage of the cameras monitoring the entrance to the suburb. The suspect vehicle was quickly identified through the footage and evidence was gathered. A detailed description was issued to the police, and a general lookout was placed for the vehicle.

Three days later an old 7Arrows colleague working with SAPS contacted 7Arrows with further information on the whereabouts of the suspect vehicle. They believed that the suspect vehicle had been located in a suburb south of Alexandra. Descriptions of the vehicle were compared and an intensive investigation began.

By late afternoon the team had apprehended three suspects, recovered stolen goods and two illegal firearms. It has since been established that the gang has been linked to at least two other robberies in the Sandton region and further arrests are expected.

“This case demonstrates how critical CCTV footage and its analysis can be in recording and identifying crimes” says Jason Mordecai Chief Operating Officer (Joint) 7Arrows Security. “These days with so many advancements in technology, effective security equipment and proper analysis proves to be vital in securing your homes and businesses, making sure that criminals are identified and subsequently taken off the streets.” he continued

“We would also like to thank and acknowledge the excellent work conducted by the SAPS team. It is a huge success that the BMW follow home gang has been apprehended.” said Mordecai


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