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Coffee, cake and a side of robbery?

It is no secret that restaurants are an attractive place for thieves, with patrons sitting relaxed enjoying the food and tills filled with cash, a restaurant seems like an easy mark with good returns. This past week saw a report of a robbery at a restaurant in Waterfall View. The robbery occurred during operating hours with many patrons inside while the incident took place.

Unfortunately such incidents do put people on high alert, restaurant staff and customers need to have a plan on what to do in such an event. In such instances prevention would be better than cure says Jason Mordecai MD 7Arrows Security. Although you cannot 100% prevent a crime, certain measures can be put in place to make it harder for criminals to commit the crime and get away with it.

Restaurants should be linked to a security company and this should be made aware to the public. The security company’s details should be put up around the premises and their presence should be felt. Staff should have panic buttons on hand at all times and these must be tested with your security company frequently.

Offenders who commit such crimes do plan certain elements of the crime, they do “scope out the place” prior to the incident. They count on getting in and out quickly and do not plan on being challenged by patrons or staff alike. “We urge patrons and staff to cooperate with robbers, do not question their demands and remain as calm as possible” says Mordecai

Take note of the following tips on what to do if you fall victim to a restaurant robbery:

1. Always comply with robbers, do not question their demands and do exactly as they ask of you.

2. Keep still and do not to make any sudden moves – try not to make the robber nervous

3. Try your best to remain calm – do not panic

4. Do not fiddle with your cell phone or try to record the event

5. Your body language is important in this respect. Avoid eye contact and carry yourself in a nonthreatening way.

6. Consider teaching your children a keyword that tells them that this is a dangerous situation and they must follow your commands, this is especially valuable in a shopping centre incident where you need to keep the family together and under your control. Self-talk is a valuable tool as you guide yourself through the incident.

If you feel something is not right always trust your instincts, and report it to 7Arrows 0861 727 769


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