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Common Robberies

7Arrows Security Warning for all members of the community to be alert and not carry large sums of money on their person.

The past few months has seen a trend that does not seem to be dying down whereby criminals are targeting individuals (mainly woman) walking in the streets and then robbing them in broad daylight.

The modus operandi seems to be criminals working in a team whereby a female engages in conversation with a victim while the male hangs back waiting to eventually rob the person. Many reports of such crimes claim that the initial female entices the victims by saying she has just found an envelope containing a large sum of cash and offers for the victim to share it with her.

This tactic works as the victim becomes occupied and distracted which assists the second suspect to then rob the person who has already let their guard down.

We urge all pedestrians to not engage in conversations with people who you do not know and be alert at all times. It would also be highly advisable not to carry cash or any valuables with you. When choosing routes to your destination please make sure to walk on main roads and areas that are busy with other people around at all times.

Trust your instincts, if something seems too good to be true it often is not. If you feel something does not seem right call it 0861 727 769.


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