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“Stats reflect that contact crime has increased this year and therefore residents need to be cognisant of this when evaluating their own security at home” says Jason Mordecai MD 7Arrows Security

When evaluating your homes security needs, affordably is always something that is considered for obvious reasons. One can cut costs on security if they spend their budget on the right things. For example, home invasions are often initiated through one’s driveway gate, this would be prevented if residents were to reinforce their gates by simple welding which is not only safety effective but cost effective too.

Electric fencing as opposed to beams is also a cheaper alternative that is an effective way to keep criminals out. Linking your fence to your armed response company is also a good barrier.

“The Pareto 80/20 principle is applicable when assessing your security, meaning 80 percent of your outcome derives from 20 percent of your input” says Mordecai. In other words, if you reverse this principal and apply it to your budget by using 20% of your budget in a smart way you can effectively get 80 percent security output for your homes.

It is a difficult choice to make when selecting your security company as costs do play apart in this selection. We would advise residents to ask all relevant questions when doing this, training and management are highly important on who is monitoring your homes and suburbs. Most insurance companies nowadays do ask for reports from security companies if they have incurred a break-in and therefore armed response is a very vital tool for your security.

Chat to your security company about cost saving ways to be secured, if you cannot afford an alarm you can always get basic panic kits which allows you to call for armed response when necessary.

Crime prevention using environmental design also proves to be very effective and cost saving, this is the method of using your environment to your advantage:

· Good lighting – being able to see around your homes perimeter and illuminating hiding spots is a great tool to keep criminals out.

· Getting rid of foliage and trees around your property also removes hiding spots as well as eliminates aids which assist criminals to climb over walls, fences etc.

· Signage from your security company is another way to create the impression that your home is secured.

· Not leaving tools such as ladders, dustbins, hammers etc out for criminals to use against you is another great crime preventative.

· Empowering your domestic workers with tools to combat crime – training on being safe and secure is a great method for these individuals who are often easy targets due to them being home alone for most of the day.

· A safe room is something many homeowners should look at, a simple room that locks from the inside with a panic button can assist in keeping you safe if under attack.

· Engaging in your community’s security is another amazing way that is very valuable, the more neighbours involved in a common cause, the better security a suburb can have. Simply by calling in suspicious activity adds another crime preventative dimension to a neighbourhood.

· Neighbourhood watches are also great as they collectively allow neighbours to be involved proactively and therefore become a barrier for criminals to have to get through.

Technology also assists with easy to reach cost effective ways to protect ourselves. The CASI panic app is an amazing app that offers personal security at a very low cost – this app enhances your personal safety when not at home or on route to your homes by giving you mobile access to a panic button nationwide.

CASI will link you to the closest security provider in the area who will then respond accordingly to your panic. This costs R35 subscription pm and is available in your app stores.

In short security can be cost effective if applied smartly, we urge all residents to research this and take it very seriously. With crime stats on the rise, one cannot take such things for granted, being prepared and using effective tools can combat crime.


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