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Love thy neighbour

Community living brings many different aspects to it, living amongst people from different walks of life and having to adapt to different opinions and perspectives. Many of us living in such communities forget the importance of having and knowing your neighbours. This does not only mean a borrowed cup of sugar but playing an active role in your community can help it grow.

“Knowing your neighbours can add another barrier to your home and family’s security. A buddy system whereby your neighbours look out for you and vice versa adds another set of eyes to watch for suspicious activity.” Says Jason Mordacai 7Arrows Security MD

Get to know what cars your neighbours drive and who lives in the homes around you, when a new vehicle enters your area and does not match any of your neighbours’ homes – call it in. Criminals rely on anonymity and if they can scope out an area without being detected, they are half way to their end goal.

Experience shows us the tighter knitted a community is – the harder it is for criminals to breach the suburb. Suburbs with neighbours that are aware, homes that are locked up and effectively secured and streets that are well maintained have shown less criminal activity. This is a universal system whereby being united shows criminals the community does not turn “a blind eye” and each resident has the next persons “back”.

Overall with extra observation and awareness being actioned as a community, will add another technique to prevent crime.

1. Exchange numbers with your neighbours

2. Have a neighbourhood braai

3. Get to know your neighbours’ dogs – their names and features are great tools in recognising if they have gone missing.

4. Learn who are your neighbours’ children, including names


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