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Remote Jamming happens in all areas!

The jamming of vehicle remotes has become a common and lucrative crime for criminals across the country. In these incidents, suspects pick either shopping centers or filling stations to source their targets. The modus operandi of these crimes involves the use of some simple technology and a little team work.

These crimes commonly happen in the day and will generally involve two suspects that are seated in a car. Car theft can occur anywhere where a car is left in a public space, shopping centres and garage four courts tend to have an increase in these types of crimes. This is due to the nature of the incident - quick and easy with very little, if no force being used at all, which allows criminals to get in someone’s vehicle and take what they want without drawing much attention to themselves.

Suspects will sit in a car at the target site and use a device that blocks the transmission of a car remote, effectively ensuring that the car is unlocked. A distracted shopper whose mind is on the humdrum of busy life becomes an easy target, remote jamming warning signs are often ignored. In filling station thefts, the suspects are counting on the fact that shoppers are convinced that they will moving quickly in and out of the store. Unless your transaction is going to take less than 30 seconds – the time it takes to walk up to your car and remove an item, you are vulnerable.

The irony is, that with a little mindfulness this crime can be prevented.

· The primary target for these crimes is electronic items such as laptops or tablets, but any item in a bag will quickly be taken. The remedy is simple if possible, don’t leave high value items in the car, even if you are “just going to be quick”.

· Do a “sense check”, this involves three of your senses. When you get out of your vehicle, do a visual scan of the environment, look for a vehicle that fits a suspect profile, if you see such a vehicle, look directly at the vehicle. You need to signal to the suspects you are aware of them.

· Sense check number two involves your sense of touch. Lock the car and tug the handle to ensure the door is locked.

· On proximity-based locking systems walk away, then use go back to your eyes and ears. Consciously look and listen for signs that the vehicle is locked. Did the indicators flick, do the lock drop, or the mirrors fold? If in doubt relock.

· When using filling stations try to park your car in a position where you can monitor the car from inside the shop.

· Try to use shops that use remote sensing detection devices.

· In the event that you feel uncomfortable rather go to another venue.


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