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Robot Robberies

Jozis fast paced culture is something most residents share in common. We make our way through the city like zombies trying to keep up with the demands of life, getting from point A to point B via the most effective and quickest way possible. Many of us do this on a daily basis and these paths make up our routines which we live by.

What we forget is to look up, and enjoy the moments not only to not let life pass us by but from a safety stand point. The destination is not the only goal – the mode and manner in which you get there can be detrimental. “Recently we have had a number of reports of drivers and passengers being robbed in broad daylight while being stationary at red robots or stop streets” says Jason Mordecai 7Arrows Security.

Criminals use a mixed bag of techniques to get what they want from their targets. They try their best to outsmart you, they learn your routines and play on your distractions to take advantage of the situation. Robot robberies rely heavily on victims being distracted and therefore staying stationary long enough to become a victim. Fortunately these types of crimes can be prevented simply by paying attention to your surroundings.

Easy ways to not become a victim of a robot robbery:

Snap out of your daily routine and pay attention to people loitering around your car.

Before coming to a stop check your surroundings for anyone or anything that looks out of place.

Cell phones are these criminals best friends as many of us allow ourselves to be distracted by the very phone these robbers steal from us.

If you think someone or something looks suspicious drive away and report it to 7Arrows.If you see it, say it 0861 727 769


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