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Stranger Danger!

We are all taught the dangers of talking to strangers, yet we so easily and readily give complete strangers our address and details for our homes. In today’s times personal security needs to be top of mind and although giving out your address to get into a paid taxi to take you home may be a necessity we still need to know the dangers in doing so.

There have been incidents reported which haven taken place inside paid for taxis. One which stands out -two school kids where getting a lift home via a paid for taxi. The child felt uneasy and saw that the driver had sent their address to someone else. He immediately alerted his mother and subsequently security was alerted to the scene. Thankfully this turned out to be a false alarm, but the dangers are still very real.

We urge all residents to be aware of these types of threats. Be alert and weary when giving strangers details of where you live, times you are home and any personal information they can use as opportunity to take advantage.

This would also include being safe online , it is vital to teach your kids that the 16-year-old profile they have connected with may not be a 16-year-old. Important questions to ask would be – have you or anyone else you know ever met this person other than online?

The realities are that criminals are opportunistic and if readily given too much information the opportunity may become too good to pass.

“Its also worth talking about teaching children what to do in a crisis” says Jason Mordecai MD 7Arrows Security:

Make a plan

Contact your parents

Stay in a public area

Learn to identify who "good strangers" are. People in uniforms are always a good place to call for help


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