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The criminal advantage – be their disadvantage!

With the year speeding up and work and family life moving along, our fast-paced lives are in full swing with routines and daily schedules set and locked down. Unfortunately, this provides great opportunities for criminals to work with.

Criminal Opportunity Theory tells us that criminals use opportunity, whether through legitimate means or otherwise to gain what they desire. Residents need to be aware that criminals count on them to create the opportunities that they so desperately need in order to take advantage and get what they want.

While shopping centre and driveway robbery are extremely difficult to prevent, burglary and home invasions can be countered with a review of ones homes use of physical and electronic security. Homeowners need to take a walk through their properties with the eye of a criminal says Jason Mordecai MD of 7Arrows Security.

Criminals are clued up on security devices used to prevent them from entering your homes which calls for cleverly planned security systems that criminals cannot break through. “Make sure all barriers set up are strategically installed by a professional security company”. says Mordecai . “A beam placed in the incorrect location will prove to be ineffective and therefore a futile effort to keep criminals out, all security measures around your home need to be installed correctly and by someone who knows how criminals gain access into your properties.” he says.

“The track record of the system installer is highly important to note. Residents need to establish whether these companies have experience in preventing home robberies and burglaries. Do they have references? Do they screen staff, or do they use unknown subcontractors? Remember – these people will have intimate knowledge of your security” continues Mordecai

Security checks to take note of:

· The gate is always the weakest link in the security chain; special measures need to be taken to prevent the gate from being derailed. Make sure your gate motor has an anti-theft bracket installed and that it is always closed.

· Light up your homes, and make sure you don’t provide any hiding spots for criminals to use to their advantage.

· Review your alarm system and check that blind spots in your electronic network are covered.

· Foliage that can interfere with systems should be trimmed.

· Windows and doors should also be looked over and checked to see that they close properly and are secured with burglur bars.

· The alarm system should be tested with your response company. It is also important to check that your alarm system’s battery is in good working order, and that your response company receives an alert if the battery is failing. This is because burglars will trip the power in the house in the hope of wearing down the alarm battery.

· Call your security company and ask them to do a walk through of your properties and assess any security weak points for potential criminals to use to their benefit.

A security system is only as good as the user. Alarms need to be activated every time you leave your home or go to bed, domestic workers and house sitters looking after properties need to be briefed in the workings of the alarm system and on all security protocols. Do not ignore suspicious behaviour, if something or someone does not seem right to you, trust your instincts and report it to your security company. For any suspicious activity please call it in – If you see it, say it 0861 727 769


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